Oferty i zapytania technologiczne 2020 r.

Dutch SME in Tubular Ultrafiltration & Forward Osmosis membranes is looking for partners to develop new applications for existing products (UF) and new products (FO)

An SME in Tubular Membranes for Ultra-Filtration and Forward Osmosis (UF and FO) located in the Netherlands is searching one or more partners to furth... See more


Novel highly durable rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems such as tram lines which make cycling safer in inner cities by closing gaps to prevent bike accidents

A large German company specialized in rubber-based extrusion products has developed new rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems. The cos... See more


Design of a cheap microhydro plant, with the use of pumps as turbines

An Italian University has developed a procedure for the selection of a pump suitable for operation as a turbine (PAT) in microhydro power plants by us... See more


UK electronics and embedded software design house specialising in connected devices offers feasibility, prototyping or design review services to product design companies

A UK company specialising in electronic design services, including design of embedded software, is offering technical co-operation agreements and/or c... See more


A drone based solution to accurately predict the crop yields of fruits like apples

A small UK company is validating an economical drone-based solution to accurately predict orchard fruit yields, from blossom to harvest. Fruit growers... See more


UK company are seeking a partner to develop a user-friendly platform for their existing chronic disease predictive model

UK company that has developed a model that predicts future healthcare demands are seeking a partner under a technology cooperation agreement, to devel... See more


Software to manage time, cost and quality decisions in the construction process using a life cycle approach.

A Spanish technology centre has developed a software for the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry which provides technical suppor... See more


Biomimetic antireflective coating technology for transparent materials aiming watch or micro-optics manufacturers

A Greek research center has developed a novel laser processing capable to provide functional coatings for antireflective, antibacterial, friction redu... See more


Photodynamic biomimetic nanotechnology for echological environmental protection and improvement from non-ionising electromagnetic fields

An Italian company active in the health and wellness field developed a technology process able to implement nano-data in different items and individua... See more


Platform simplifying robots missions planning in complex environments

A French company created a platform simplifying robots missions planning in complex environments. Their software allows to program, survey, simula... See more


Synthesis of aluminides of IV-V group refractory metals in hydride cycle

Armenian Research Institute engaged in fundamental researches and practical elaborations has developed basically new hydride cycle (HC) method for syn... See more


Biomarker for efficient prediction and monitoring of tumor necrosis factor alpha in inflammation inhibition therapies

A German research institution has generated positive data on the use of interleukin-22 binding protein as biomarker for prediction and monitoring of t... See more


Spanish company seeks technologies for neurological rehabilitation

A Spanish clinic specialised in helping stroke patients to recover mobility and daily living abilities has developed an innovative gym where stroke pa... See more


German startup company offers its intelligent digital product selector that innovates B2B sales and distribution processes within commercial agreements with technical support

A German award-winning startup company has developed an intelligent product selection software that identifies the best products for business customer... See more


A Korean company offers metallized ceramic substrate for electronics with its newly developed technology of sputtered thick coatings.

A Korean company as a leader in the semiconductor testing market wants to provide ceramic substrates to which newly developed sputtered thick coating ... See more


Polish research institute which offers cooperation in the field of 3D protein structures and protein ligand complexes is looking for business partners

Bio-crystallography team with experience in supporting drug discovery projects organized a dedicated commercial laboratory in Poland’s leading biome... See more


Innovative device for exposing the palatal and oropharyngeal region in transoral surgery

A leading Italian public medical research centre committed to healthcare and translational medicine has developed an innovative mouth gag for intra-or... See more


Monitoring of the dynamic behavior of civil and building structures

Infrastructures and construction area of Spanish technology centre is offering a monitoring of dynamic behaviour of civil and building structures sys... See more


German research institution is offering ultrashort pulse laser ablation for the functionalisation of surfaces

A German research institution with a focus on energy related technologies is working on surface modification using ultrashort pulse lasers. Partners i... See more


New composition for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson

A Spanish research group of the public health system has developed a new composition to prevent, alleviate, ameliorate and treat diseases or disorders... See more

A wearable continuous learning environment

An innovative Italian company has developed a Ready2Use communication platform integrated with wearable devices to drive and manage any kind of field ... See more


A magnetic bendable data-storage device

A Spanish research institution has developed a new magnetic recording bendable device where information is cloaked, virtually unerasable. The device c... See more


High-performance liquid chromatography device for high-volume samples analysis

An Italian national research institute has developed a fluidic device that allows high sample volume injection in high-performance liquid chromatograp... See more


High diluted nanostructured lipid hydrogels with no gelling agents

A Spanish research institution has developed a lipid gel composed exclusively of combination of lipids in high diluted conditions, without the need of... See more


Prevention of lung injury associated with acute necrotizing pancreatitis

A Spanish public research institution has found the potential of polyethylene glycol on reducing the severity of acute necrotizing pancreatitis and as... See more


French SME offers a plug-in for the digital accessibility of websites to disabled or elderly people

A French computing SME has developed a plug-in that enables a website to be accessible to disabled or elderly people by adapting the structure and dis... See more


Water treatment with very low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields to remove limescale and biofilm from water pipes, protecting sanitary facilities and achieving biosecurity

A Swiss SME with expertise in water treatment has developed a game changing technology for removing of limescale and biofilms in sanitary water pipes ... See more


Machine learning generative models for synthetic dataset creation

An Italian start-up uses state of the art tools and techniques from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize business operations. They... See more


An Italian company offers a patented technology for spirulina alga production process optimization for food uses

An Italian start-up has developed and patented an eco-friendly environmental production plant that optimizes the spirulina production using energy and... See more


The production technology of “green” hydrogen from bio-glycerin (a waste product of biodiesel production) and from bioethanol

This Ukrainian R&D company has developed a technology for the production of “green” hydrogen from biodiesel production waste - bio glycerin, a... See more


UK company with heat acclimatisation training app is looking for licencees

A UK technology transfer company established in 2002 and specialising in a range of security and biometrics products is looking to licence out a heat ... See more


A French SME specialized in synthesis, purification and characterization of chemically modified peptides and proteins is looking for academic, biotech or pharmaceutical partners for biological assays

A French SME designs and synthesizes optimized peptides or small proteins and proposes peptides libraries. It offers its expertise in chemical synthes... See more


Development of novel surfaces to optimise haptic properties of products in various sectors

An Austrian R&D institute is developing a new technology aiming to quantify the haptic appearance of a product via its surface and material proper... See more


Hospitals and clinicians are sought to validate a decision tool assistance

The French company has developed an advanced analytical solution for clinical purposes. They are using machine learning and natural language processin... See more


Design of new alloys and materials using sparse and noisy data sets

A UK spin out has launched, and proven, an artificial intelligence (AI) based tool that incorporates experimental data and uncertainty. It helps guide... See more


Method for assessing the fertilising potential of sperm by computer-aided sperm analysis

A German university offers a method to assess the fertilising potential of sperm. It is based on longitudinal axis rotation within the framework of co... See more


Machine tools for precision machining of high-performance materials

A German company has developed a machine tool based on water jet technology which has its origins in heavy industry and is now applied for the first t... See more

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